“Bitch Im Joe Biden” By Yvngxchris Has Been Re-Released On Streaming Platforms


16-year-old yvngxchris describes his music as “upbeat.” In an interview this summer, he told Flaunt, “it makes you fantasize about different things, like happiness and putting people in my shoes; from my perspective.”

Over the weekend, the TikTok star’s quick and catchy track “bitch im joe biden” made its way back onto streaming services. The track first received a video (created by @karlwithak and @spacehrts) a few months back, which shows the Virginia native dancing to the fast-paced beat at the beach with friends.

“I heard your music, that shit hella trash/I’m not talkin’ ’bout Bandicoot, we finna crash/Compare and contrast my music and y’all niggas rappin’ that bullshit/I ride with a Drac’ and that bitch got a full clip,” yvngxchris raps as the song begins.

The artist told Flaunt that as soon as he started making his newest release, he knew it would be a hit. “I was recording the song and as I listened back I thought ‘this is going to be fire.’ I recorded a video on Snapchat, posted it. People were really into it, so I posted it on Instagram too.”

Stream “bitch im joe biden” below and let us know what you think in the comments. 

Quotable Lyrics:

This not a hot girl summer, bitch, you actin’ up
You said you better than me, n*gga, that’s enough
Look at my numbers, n*gga, I’m too good at this rappin’ stuff
These n*ggas bitches, I can’t even cap wit yo’ ass
I’ma hit, then I’m passing it fast



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