Entertainer Blac Chyna lost her temper this weekend, completely blowing her top at the Miami Airport and berating a fan who reportedly asked to take a picture with her. The reality television star went on a very animated pro-vaxx rant, yelling at a fan who got close to her that she should “go get fucking vaccinated” before going off about her Washington, D.C. roots.

The blue-haired celebrity was at the airport with her team when somebody holding a baby reportedly approached her and asked for a picture. Chyna allegedly started to rant about how the woman needed to be vaccinated before yelling across the busy terminal, berating the woman and saying, “stop being stupid, hoe!”

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The mother-of-two is vaccinated, receiving the first of her two shots on Instagram Live earlier this year. According to TMZ, the police were not called regarding Blac Chyna’s public freak-out at the Miami airport. Chyna has not addressed the video yet.

Last month, BC previously gave her opinion about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian splitting up, Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian’s tricky relationship, and more. Now, we know exactly where she stands on the topic of anti-vaxxers, seemingly refusing to let anybody who’s unvaccinated near her.

Check out the video below.