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Blake Griffin Takes Subtle Jab At Nets Over Playing Time


Blake Griffin hasn’t been getting much playing time in Brooklyn.

Blake Griffin used to be one of the best big men in the entire NBA. His large stature allowed him to get big dunks, and when he played for the Los Angeles Clippers, he was easily one of the biggest stars in the entire league. Since that time, however, Griffin has fallen off hard, and it has resulted in a lack of playing time with the Brooklyn Nets. Griffin can mostly be found on the bench, all while the rest of his teammates get some shine.

Recently, one of Griffin’s teammates, Jevon Carter, went on Instagram and wrote “Man it feels good to hoop.” Carter has been playing well with the Nets, and he has gotten some extra playing time as a result. However, Griffin saw this post and used it as a way to comment on his own situation.

Blake Griffin

Chris Gardner/Getty Images

“What’s it like,” Griffin wrote simply. Of course, this isn’t the biggest dig at the Nets, although it is certainly a passive-aggressive way of letting the team know that he is not content with his current predicament. When Griffin was brought on by the Nets, he was expected to turn the corner and play great basketball, but so far, head coach Steve Nash has been unimpressed with what he has seen.

At this point in the season, Griffin will just have to come to terms with his predicament. Until then, however, the Nets will continue fighting for vital positions in the Eastern Conference standings.


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