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Blueface’s Mom & Stepdad Are Alleged Victims Of Violent Home Invasion


From the sounds of things, the invaders were hoping to find Blueface in the house.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, and her husband were the victims of a violent home invasion, TMZ reports. The couple were staying at a house owned by the rapper when they heard glass shatter from somewhere in the house.

Saffold and her beau discovered that a back window had been smashed, but the perps ran off before doing any more damage. The cops were called, and the pair filled out a report about the incident.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Just a few hours later, Blueface’s house was under attack again. This time, people managed to break inside the home and when the “Thotiana” hitmaker’s stepdad went downstairs to investigate, he bumped into one of the suspects who he began to brawl with.

Sources tell TMZ that another intruder joined in the fight, pointing a sharp object at Saffold’s partner before hitting his head with it. He reportedly suffered a concussion and the bloody mess that his face was left in required 10 stitches near his left eye. It’s believed that four suspects fled the scene before the police were called once again. They took Blueface’s stepdad to a nearby hospital to treat his wounds, and he’s since been released.

The Santa Clarita County Sheriff’s Office are heading the investigation. Thankfully nothing was taken from the home, but officials have worked out several theories as to why the house was attacked, including one that makes Blueface out to be the intruder’s actual target, however, he doesn’t live there. 

TMZ notes that no suspects have been named at this time, and law enforcement is still hoping for cooperation from everyone involved.

Do you think the criminals were hoping to find Blueface when they broke in? Or was the attack just a random incident? Let us know in the comments.



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