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Bobby Brown Shares Thoughts On ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake – VIBE.com

It’s been almost a week since reports confirmed that Warner Bros. is remaking the 1992 blockbuster, The Bodyguard. The reimagining of the iconic film, starring the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, is produced by the writer of the original.

TMZ caught up with Bobby Brown for his thoughts on the remake. They asked if he thought it was a bad move, and he simply replied, “Yeah.” Brown’s sentiment was far more concise and kind than many fan reactions. When news first broke regarding the remake, Twitter erupted.

One user wrote, “This is such a horrible idea. There is no need for a remake of the legendary movie, ‘The Bodyguard.’ Hollywood refusing to invest in new talent and create new stories is pure laziness at this point.”

Film critic, Guy Rhode, wrote, “There is nothing worth remaking in The Bodyguard, a nonsense film from a threadbare script that we remember only because it captured Whitney Houston at the absolute, incandescent supernova zenith of her stardom. You can’t remake Whitney Houston, so why bother?”

So far, the cast has not been announced, but Lizzo, Cardi B, Chris Evans, and Tessa Thompson were allegedly among those being discussed. Billboard listed Halle Bailey, Beyoncé, and Zendaya among their top choices to star in the remake.

Not only is The Bodyguard one of the most cherished movies, but it also has the bestselling soundtrack worldwide, with 17 millions copies sold in the US and over 42 million copies sold worldwide. Its chart-topping singles include “I Have Nothing,” “I’m Every Woman,” and “I Will Always Love You.”

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