Bobby Shmurda Called Out By Fans For “Twerking” In New Video

Bobby Shmurda Called Out By Fans For “Twerking” In New Video

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Bobby Shmurda previewed a new song and video but his fans aren’t feeling it at all.

Bobby Shmurda loves to show off his dance moves. Ever since he was released from prison earlier this year, he’s been celebrating on social media by busting a move, but some people think he’s changed for the worse since getting out. On many of his dance videos, you’ll find top comments criticizing the rapper for “twerking” or “belly-dancing” in his new music previews, which is exactly what happened when he started to tease his next single.

Showing off a new sound in the preview for his upcoming release, Bobby bragged about having threesomes and trapping, but his lyrical content wasn’t enough to keep fans from voicing their negative opinions on the music, his dancing, and more.

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“He was rocking them hips,” remarked one person in the comments, with over 8,000 others agreeing. “Waited dis long for sum bs” complained another. “Bobby rly had one of the worst comebacks of all time,” teased one of his haters.

It’s not a new trend for people to be attacking Bobby Shmurda unprovoked like this. With the delay in his new music releases, fans have been impatiently turning on the rapper, calling him out for his sometimes questionable dance moves, and tearing him to shreds on social media. While the world is happy that Bobby is free, many aren’t looking forward to his new music after he shared this preview, asking for the old GS9 Bobby to come back.

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