Along with being released from his seven year prison stay and making his long-awaited return to music in 2021, Bobby Shmurda has also revealed a lot about his life this year.

Most recently, Bobby told the story of how his smash hit “Hot N***a” came together, and he has also shared insight on his label drama, his need for sex therapy and even just cute throwback photos of him as a child earlier this year. With all these looks into his life, perhaps Bobby feels the need to share his story at an even larger scale.

Last night (Dec. 13), Bobby tweeted that he began working on his autobiography, and is already excited about how it is coming together: “I Just Started Writing My Autobiography & My First Page More Lit Than Yo Daddy’s Daddy Whole Life #Shmurda #DontPlayWithThatBoy”

It is not clear what angle or story the autobiography will aim to tell, but it presumably would touch on Bobby’s upbringing in New York, his rise to acclaim with hits like “Hot N***a” and “Bobby B*tch,” his subsequent arrest and imprisonment and his release and current endeavors.

Most recently celebrity autobiographies from Will Smith, Rihanna and Raekwon have caught the eye of fans this year. But, there is currently no title or release date for Bobby’s since it is not close to being finished yet.

Do you think you’ll read Bobby Shmurda’s autobiography when it comes out?