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Bobby Shmurda Says People Compare Him To Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diddy, & DMX


The Brooklyn-bred hitmaker questioned the Hov comparisons because he says “Jay is wild calm.”

Big things are on the horizon for Bobby Shmurda as the newly-independent artist continues to work on his debut studio album. It has been eight years since his smash hit “Hot N*gga” was first released, and after a stint behind bars, Shmurda is back on the scene and dropping new music left and right. After a hiccup with his label, Shmurda is ready for a new season and fans are eagerly anticipating his first official sonic introduction.

The rapper is known as a figure in Rap who runs on positivity, so he took that good energy to legendary Los Angeles radio station Power 106. During his conversation with host Bryhana, Shmurda spoke about the comparisons he often receives from the public as they pick which Rap icons he reminds them of.

Bobby Shmurda
Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images

“I get a lot of DMX, P. Diddy, 50 [Cent], and Jay[-Z] sometimes,” he said. Shmurda questioned the comparisons to Hov because of the Rap mogul’s temperament.

“But when I see Jay, I’m like Jay? Jay is wild calm. I’m more [energetic], but I think when I’m on my business side, like, when I get in those rooms and sh*t, yeah, it’s a different person in me,” Shmurda added. “So, it’s like, you get what you get, I guess. I could be, at any given time, I can change. When it’s business time, alright, it’s time for business.”

“There’s time for fun and time for [being wild]. It’s like, a time and place for everything, I know that.” Check out more from Bobby Shmurda’s Power 106 interview as he also talks about the advice he’s received from Snoop Dogg and his summer plans for music releases.


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