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Bobby Shmurda Speaks On How He Addressed His Sex Addiction


Bobby Shmurda says he was having “real sex addict” problems after his release from prison, but he’s since addressed that.

Bobby Shmurda is back in the spotlight following his release from prison earlier this year, and he’s needed to find healthy ways to cope with the trauma he was dealt with at a young age. The New York-based superstar has been readjusting back to real life in recent months, taking time to himself before releasing new music. In his personal time, Bobby reveals that he would use sex to keep his mind off the numerous traumas he’s lived through, but he realized quickly that he was developing an addiction. 

“When I came home, I ain’t gonna lie… I just stopped like a month ago, I was having real sex addict problems,” said Bobby during a new interview with Hot 97. “I was wylin’. I was having threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes. I had to chill out, like last month I just stopped. I had to cut down.” 

When asked why exactly he needed to chill, Bobby said, “You can’t be playing with people’s feelings like that. Real shit, every time you feel you get mad or something… Listen, [sex is] better than drugs, you know! Better than drugs and shooting people in the streets!”

He joked that to stop, he switched out his old phone and bought a new phone. “You find yourself wylin’, like every other day you go, ‘Yo, what the fuck am I doing, bro?’ You get tired. I’m a Leo, I’m a passionate person.”

Listen to his comments about sex addiction at the 13-minute mark of the interview below.


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