Boosie Badazz is arguably the game’s most outspoken rapper, braving the fiercest threats of cancel culture to voice whatever opinion he deems to be of significant import. Where an artist of lesser resolve might have crumbled beneath the backlash by now, Boosie appears ready and willing to keep on keepin’ on, hardened by life experience that may have left others significantly rattled. 

Today, DJ Vlad has uploaded yet another chapter of his long-running conversation with the Badazz one, this time centering around events that recently transpired at T.I’s Atlanta-based Trap Music Museum. After Boosie reflects on how a pair of his shoes — displayed as one of the museum’s many exhibits — were stolen, the Baton Rouge rapper shifts his focus to T.I and Tiny’s ongoing legal trouble.

Boosie Badazz

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images 

After Vlad brings up the allegations currently hovering over the ATL couple, which range from sexual assault to drugging, Boosie lets out a flippant utterance. “I don’t really want to comment on my dawg shit,” he says. “I feel its lies. I feel its lies, because if T.I. and Tiny ask somebody to come to them, them bitches gon’ fly in the Rolls Royces. You gon’ fly…We celebrities. Nobody gotta try hard. Nobody gotta drug you. If anything, you might try to drug me. You ready to put your feet on the carpet of this Rolls Royce!”

Suffice it to say, Boosie believes his former collaborator is innocent of any wrongdoing, seemingly baffled by the idea that drugs would even be involved in the first place. After Vlad agrees, Boosie adds that “when people see you down, they kick you. When people see an opening for money? Money is the root of all evil.”

T.I. himself has denied all allegations, even speaking on the situation in his new song “What It’s Come To.” Check out Boosie’s take below, and keep an eye out for more developments on this matter as they surface. 

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