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Boosie Says “My Struggle” Movie Made $1 Million On First Day


Boosie says his movie is doing numbers.

On the same day he claimed Instagram removed his profile for asking Drake to promote his movie My Struggle, Boosie let it be known that same movie is raking in money. 

Telling VladTV he began working on My Struggle while locked up, Boosie revealed that the biopic made $1,000,000 on its release day. 

“I made a million dollars the first day,” Boosie told Vlad before clarifying that the film had actually made around $940,000, or just under a million dollars. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Explaining that the movie cost less than $250,000 to write, film, produce and release, Boosie got into the ins and outs of My Struggle with Vlad. Revealing that he did not pay for anything while working in Baton Rouge, Boosie said he was owed a couple favors and cashed in those favors to secure a couple filming locations. 

The Louisiana native also explained that he did not “release the film hrough a major film company because he would’ve been stripped of his ownership and paid a relatively low fee,” but did say that he had a comedy coming out on Christmas day and plans to launch his own version of Netflix. 

Boosie’s most recent foray into film and movies with My Struggle was a big one. With YFN Lucci, Mo3 and Quando Rondo all appearing in the trailer for the film, it was clear the “Wipe Me Down” rapper was trying to capture the realities of his time in the streets and the rap game. 

Known for having something to say about anything and everything, My Struggle and the ensuing interview with VladTV has been an interesting window into a much more refined version of Boosie and, despite losing his IG page again, it will be interesting to see if the plans for a Christmas comedy and revamped version of Netflix come to fruition.

Check out Boosie saying My Struggle made a million in profits below and let us know in the comments if you’ve watched or plan to watch Boosie’s movie. 



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