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Bow Wow Explains Why Diddy & Joie Chavis Romance Isn’t Serious


Bow claims that there won’t be any wedding bells in the future. “It won’t go that far,” he said.

He has already established that he isn’t concerned with whatever romance may be brewing between Diddy and Joie Chavis, but TMZ had a few more questions for Bow Wow about his ex. We reported on Diddy and Joie being photographed by the paparazzi kissing and cuddling on a yacht in Italy. Later, the Bad Boy icon made an appearance at Joie’s birthday party, and in an interview with WGCI days ago, Bow explained why he isn’t worried about their relationship.

“[Joie and I] haven’t really been in that place for probably thirteen years. Really, that’s a homegirl, my daughter’s mom, so it’s always gon’ be respect,” he told the radio station. “But don’t think that I put a call in to talk to her about what the hell was going on. And even me and dude, we spoke about it too. That’s a conversation that I won’t share but it was a good hour-and-fifteen-minute conversation on FaceTime.”

More recently, TMZ caught up with Bow as he was waiting outside of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The cameraperson asked him about Diddy and Joie’s canoodling and how he feels about his daughter, Shai, meeting her mother’s new man.

“I don’t think they’ll get that far,” said Bow with a slight chuckle. “It won’t get that far. Nah. Only because, when you know somebody since you was 13-years-old, and when you know somebody bro, you kinda know, I kinda mean like, as far as like, you’ve been around them, we’ve kicked it, we’ve partied with girls and we’ve had pool parties. So, we know how we move when it come to the ladies.”

“It ain’t gon’ be no wedding bells and chapel or no sh*t like that, nah,” he added. “Even like, my daughter, that’s my least concern. My baby moms, we cool. Me and dude, we cool. Everybody’s grown and everybody can do what they want to do.”


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