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Bow Wow Knows 12 People Who Have COVID & Warns Against Going Outside


He said he’s staying home because he doesn’t want to get himself or his daughter sick, but for those outside, protect yourselves.

People laughed at the thought of there being a potential quarantine in 2022, but Omicron is not playing around. The latest and reportedly most intense strain of COVID-19 has been running rampant and new cases are appearing across the world by the tens of thousands. There was a time when the public believed that we were on the tail end of COVID, but it looks as if a new wave has entered the arena.

We’ve reported on sports leagues being hit hard as dozens of players enter COVID protocols as well as stories of entertainers canceling shows and tours because of the virus. Bow Wow isn’t taking any chances and offered a bit of advice on how to move in the pandemic streets.

Bow Wow
Todd Williamson / Stringer / Getty Images

“It’s back. It’s back. It’s sweepin’ n*ggas, too,” said Bow. “Listen, wear ya mask protect yourself. I know it feels like everything’s back to normal because we were able to go back and eat, listen, it’s still not normal. I know at least like, twelve people that got COVID right now and is going through it.”

“So, words of advice, wear your mask when you go outside and look, ain’t nothin’ outside anyway. It’s the same sh*t. Same people you go to the club with every week. The only thing change is maybe the weather. You’re not missin’ nothin’. Stay your ass at home.” He also added that he would only be touring via bus, if that, because he isn’t trying to come down with COVID, nor is he trying to get his daughter sick.

Watch Bow Wow explain himself below.


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