Braai or fry, but always delicious


It’s way too cold outside to braai right now in South Africa but we can still enjoy a favourite style of food. Sosaties, skewers or kebabs, whatever you want to call them, are easy to prepare and always tasty. Our mushroom and chorizo sosaties are easy to put together, cook and enjoy as all the ingredients you want is on a stick. They are great as a snack in a lunchbox, perfect as a side for any meal or even a quick breakfast.

Mushroom & chorizo sosaties tips

The great thing about chorizo other than the bold flavour and that it’s cured, is that it will cook just as long as the mushrooms and peppers. Use any bell peppers you want but we suggest red or green. If you want to get creative, apricot slices or onions make another great addition to the skewers. On sticks, these cook very easily and if you want to throw them on the braai, you’re more than welcome to, but soak the wooden skewers in water so they don’t burn.

Pan-fried or braai, these mushroom & chorizo sosaties have the hearty and spicy flavours that you can enjoy with friends and family any day.

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