Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards have been on a mission this season. They are currently fourth in the Eastern Conference standings and have a solid record of 11-6. Beal is playing some of the best basketball of his life and many fans agree that he is one of the best players at his position right now.

This season, in particular, Beal has some new motivation on his mind as he plays with a heavy heart. Earlier in November, it was revealed that Beal’s grandmother had passed away, and it was a death that truly hit him hard. While speaking to reporters, Beal recalls how difficult it was getting on the court after the news, however, he also noted that made him want to become a better player.

Bradley Beal

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“It definitely changes my mindset a lot,” Beal said per NBC Sports. “It’s tough at times to walk on the floor because…it reminds me of her. It hits you unexpectedly but at the same time, it encourages me to keep going and encourages me in the fact that I have another level that I need to tap into and I can get to and I just serve this as motivation to get there.

“Lean on God, lean on the pain and the experience to uplift me, to push me to get better, push me to stay in the gym, push me to be better, push me to be a great example for my boys. For sure, it’s always unfortunate in these situations but it definitely serves as motivation.”

Beal has gone through his fair share of struggles with the Wizards, although, this year, something feels different. He is playing out of this world basketball, and regardless of his motivations, it’s been very fun to watch.

Bradley Beal

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