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Brittany Renner Issues A Warning To The Men Of Jackson State


Brittany Renner is stirring up controversy again.

Brittany Renner has become a controversial voice as of late, especially after her failed relationship with PJ Washington. Many felt as though she had taken advantage of the young NBA star and that she even groomed him. In the end, nothing really came of the internet scrutiny, as Renner has become the ultimate troll. She is always saying things to get a rise out of people, and you can tell that she truly thrives on being the villain. It has proven to be a successful grift for her, and it won’t be stopping soon.

In fact, Renner drew some more criticism just yesterday as she took to Twitter with a small update on where she is. The model is now in the state of Mississippi, where she is now set to go after the men at one of the leading HBCUs in the state.

Brittany Renner

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Fashion Nova

“Hey Jackson State! Hide your sons,” she wrote with a tongue sticking out emoji. Of course, Jackson State is a college with various athletes, which had many feeling as though she was threatening to groom some up-and-coming talents. Renner told some of her detractors to shut up about it, but as always, she has done a solid job at getting people to talk about her antics.

As for the men of Jackson State, hopefully they watch out, as you never want to find yourself in a compromising position. 


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