Charlotte Hornets’ star PJ Washington will likely be hearing these chants for years to come following this year’s dramatic unfolding with social media personality Brittany Renner. The two broke up this summer after welcoming their first baby into the world as a couple and ever since then, they’ve been sending subliminal (and not-so-subliminal) messages to one another on social media. Fans have been trolling Washington during NBA games by chanting Renner’s name as he shoots free throws, attempting to distract him, and Renner finally had a response to that on Sunday night.

After subliminally tweeting Renner to “stop the cap” and posting a clown emoji to his page, Washington was met with “Brittany Renner” chants as he shot free throws against the Atlanta Hawks. The chant did not distract him as he sank the two freebies, but Renner made sure to comment about it on Twitter afterward.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“[laughing emojis] glad you made it though BD @PJWashington,” she wrote with a link to the video.

She also recently trolled her baby daddy by responding to his tweet about people living fake lives by agreeing, saying, “It’s crazy bruh.” After he tweeted a clown emoji, she replied with a meme of a clownfish saying, “Where’s my fuckin son.”

Clearly, we’ll be hearing about Brittany Renner and PJ Washington for a while. Do you think they’ll ever get back together or should they steer clear from one another?