Cam Newton was released by the New England Patriots recently as Mac Jones was named the starting quarterback. It was a sad state of affairs for Newton who is a former MVP and a player who once led his team to a Super Bowl. In recent years, injuries have gotten the better of Newton although he has remained a serviceable QB who has the potential to be great again. Unfortunately, it might be a while before we get to see that.

In a new 43-minute interview on his YouTube channel, Newton got to talk about his situation with the Patriots and what really went down at the end. As he explains, he had no issue with being a backup to Mac Jones, although the Pats assumed he would have an issue with it. Newton believes it all boils down to his personality and larger-than-life persona.

Cam Newton

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

“Can we be honest? The reason why they released me is because indirectly I was going to be a distraction, without being the starter. Just my aura. That’s my gift and my curse,” Newton explained.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether or not Newton can still thrive in the NFL, although there is no doubt that there has to be at least a few teams out there who want him. It might take some time, but it would be good to have Newton back in the league sooner rather than later.