We didn’t think that a few tweets about not attending the Met Gala would earn Nicki Minaj an invite to the White House, yet here we are. We’ve extensively reported on the twists and turns of this ongoing story as Minaj has received both praise and criticism over her comments regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The rapper has stated that she is not vaccinated, however, she has recommended that people should be. Minaj shared a story about her cousin’s friend going impotent after being vaccinated, a tale that set off a firestorm of backlash, and she has battled it out on Twitter ever since.

Today, things took a turn once again when Candace Owens inserted herself into the conversation and agreed with Minaj’s stance. “She never said, ‘Don’t get the vaccine because of this,'” said Owens.

Nicki Minaj
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“She’s saying take your time, learn more, we don’t really know a lot about this. That should be okay if scientific debate was allowed in the ministry of truth, that would be okay, but it’s not allowed. Right? And they’re actually making a very dangerous mistake because people like Nicki Minaj, they know that she’s not a part of the political class. They know that she’s actually a person, as you mentioned before, that has worked hard, has come from nothing, and she is just honestly having a conversation with them like she always does through her music.”

Owens claims that criticizing Minaj will create more “vaccine hesitancy,” and while she was making herself an ally with the rapper, Nicki continued speaking with people on Twitter, that is before she was temporarily banned. Prior to getting the boot from the platform, the rapper shared information about her White House invitation.

She also faced backlash after reposting a clip of Tucker Carlson agreeing with her. When people began tweeting Minaj saying that Carlson is a “White nationalist,” the rapper continued to defend herself. “Right. I can’t speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. Ppl aren’t human any more,” she said. “If you’re black & a Democrat tells u to shove marbles up ur ass, you simply have to. If another party tells u to look out for that bus, stand there & get hit.”

Check it all out below.

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