Cape Town and Johannesburg planning to DITCH Eskom

Cape Town and Johannesburg planning to DITCH Eskom

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Officials from the City of Johannesburg and Cape town have come together in an effort to eliminate Eskom’s power over the various metros. Both Cape Town and Johannesburg are formulating strategies for achieving this goal. 

Stage 6 load shedding has frustrated the masses

Eskom implemented Stage 6 power cuts on Tuesday, 28 June. The utility has placed the responsibility for these power cuts on allegedly unlawful and unprotected labour action. They went on to report significant widespread disruption at the power plants as a result of the strike. 

Residents of Cape Town will fortunately not suffer the severity of Stage 6 load shedding. The City plans to buffer residents from two stages of blackouts, essentially placing the metro on Stage 4.

Johannesburg plans to help Cape Town with its research and expertise

Measures and strategies designed to reduce the demand for electricity have been evaluated by officials of the City of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Johannesburg will lend Cape Town its research and expertise in regard to demand-side management. 

Mayor of Cape Town Geordin Hill-Lewis stated that this week the metro saved the capacity of the Steenbras Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Dam by denying citizens relief from power cuts. 

Higher stages of load shedding will negatively impact critical infrastructure

Hill-Lewis expressed that higher stages of power cuts could consequently have a negative impact on critical infrastructure.

“This devastating load shedding also just underscores how important it is that we pursue our project here of becoming load shedding free and greater independence from Eskom as fast as we possibly can,”

said Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

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Unions have set the record straight on Eskom wages ‘agreement’ . Photo: @Eskom_SA / Twitter and only lines / Flickr

Eskom: NUM and NUMSA set the record straight on the wages ‘agreement’

In other news about Eskom, it was previously reported that the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) who represent Eskom workers say there is no agreement that has been reached over wages. 

On Tuesday, 28 June, for the first time in history, South Africans were subjected to Stage 6 rolling blackouts which are set to continue on Wednesday as well between 16:00 to 22:00. 

Eskom said this is due to unlawful and unprotected labour action (which its workers embarked on over a week ago) which has caused widespread disruption to its power plants. Read the full story here.

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