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Capella Grey Releases Video For Song Of The Summer Contender “Gyalis”

Capella Grey releases the official music video for “Gyalis,” which many have been calling the song of the summer.

If you haven’t listened to “Gyalis” yet, chances are you’re either not from New York, or you’re just sleeping on Capella Grey. Sliding over a sample of Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” Capella Grey has the streets of New York on lock with his hit single, which has taken the world by storm. 

After the song was initially released back in March, it saw a surge in popularity as the warmer months arrived. “Gyalis” has been hailed by many as a song of the summer contender, and there isn’t any doubt as to why. Capella Grey finally followed up on the hype with the official music video, which shows him acting out in Uptown, hanging with a crew of people and singing along to the record.

If “Gyalis” isn’t in your daily rotation yet, be ready to add it because this track is infectious.

Watch it above.

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