At the end of 2020, Cardi B dove headfirst into the streaming industry with the premiere of her Facebook Watch series, Cardi Tries __. Over the past few months, the rapper has gone on countless adventures, including visiting a nature centre with Chloe Bailey and most recently, officiating a wedding with Raven-Symoné.

Since the latest episode dropped a few days ago, Cardi has shared several messages across social media about how special and beautiful the experience was for her, and how she was “starstruck” while working with Raven.

Unfortunately, some haters got in the way of the “WAP” singer’s celebrations by posting a cropped clip of the episode along with a caption that attempted to show Cardi in a bad light.

“How do y’all feel about a cis person saying this?” the Twitter user wrote, with a clip of the mother of two saying, “I need to know what you went through that you feel like you’re non-binary. Sometimes I just feel like people shouldn’t take words and take it as a trendy thing to do, I appreciate when people have a story…”

Cardi’s fans were quick to come to her defence. “Post the WHOLE clip you weird bitch! She literally said not everyone has to explain themselves bc every LGBT person has their own journey. Like you bitches are DUMB,” someone quote tweeted the aforementioned post.

The star herself then swooped in with a response of her own, writing, “Lol thank you…It’s the new trend on Twitter to cut clips with a misleading caption. I don’t know why.”

Cardi B also retweeted several messages with the same energy, One reads, “the main reason why people get away with misleading stories on this app is because they know a lot of y’all are gullible [enough] to believe it.”

“Y’all won’t do the research for yourself. They think your ass is dumb, or they have an agenda on the person they’re attacking.”

In brighter news, Cardi recently slayed all of her looks at Paris Fashion Week, and she’s now officially ordained, meaning she can marry more fans should the opportunity ever arise.

Check out a preview of the new episode of Cardi Tries __ below.