Cardi B On Being “Bullied” Out Of Speaking On Politics –

Cardi B On Being “Bullied” Out Of Speaking On Politics –

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Since entering the spotlight, Cardi B has been vocal about her political views by endorsing various presidential candidates during the past two election cycles and urging citizens in her hometown of New York and beyond to partake in the voting process. But when a fan inquired about the hitmaker’s lack of political commentary as of late, the mother of two revealed that the incessant bullying by detractors and those disapproving of her credentials had deterred her from continuing to take public stances on sociopolitical issues.

“I was tired of getting bullied by the Republicans and also getting bashed by the same people I was standing up for,” the Bronx bombshell wrote in a tweet in response to a fan.

It would be a shame if social media trolls and antagonists were to keep Cardi from giving her takes on the political process, as her voice has become an influential one that resonates with a large segment of the voting public.

With her stardom affording her access to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, the last of whom she famously interviewed as part of her September 2020 cover story in Elle Magazine. In addition to singing the praises of Sanders and Biden, Cardi has gone viral with her reactions to political debates, such as the one between former Vice President Mike Pence and current Vice President Kamala Harris, helping to raise the Q-rating of these important events in American history.

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