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Cardi B Says She Was “Starstuck” While Officiating A Wedding Alongside Raven-Symoné


The “WAP” rapper recently got ordained as a part of her Facebook Watch series, “Cardi Tries __.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the Facebook Watch series, Cardi Tries __, you may already be aware that recently, Cardi B had the opportunity to officiate the marriage of a lesbian couple with the help of Disney Channel alum, Raven-Symoné.

Yesterday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to Twitter to share some more details about the big day.

“By the way WORLD I’m licensed to marry people…so yea,” the mother of two wrote on Saturday. “I do it all and this was such a fulfilling thing to do.”

Cardi then went on to marvel over her co-star for this weeks episode saying, “Raven was so fun I was sooo starstruck.”

Along with the sweet message, the 28-year-old included a clip from the big day, showing both brides squealing with excitement as their new celebrity friend steps up to the altar.

“When Shannon saw Cardi B, I knew she was going to freak out,” Brandi, the other half of the couple, told the cameras.

“You guys are probably wondering why I’m here,” the “WAP” singer began her speech. “I’m here to get these two beautiful ladies married. It’s not only a special day for you guys, it’s a special day for me. I want to thank you guys for making me a part of your beautiful journey.”

In the full Facebook Watch episode, Cardi B also talks about her family’s relationship with her little sister’s girlfriend, and things that she wishes would’ve been included in her wedding to Offset.

Would you want Cardi B to officiate your wedding? Let us know in the comment section.


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