When an opportunity presents itself, you better take it. This past weekend, Cardi B hosted the American Music Awards and it all went off without a hitch, but one moment that people can’t stop laughing about was when the rapper wouldn’t stop talking about Jojo Siwa. As Cardi was onstage giving a few shoutouts to her fellow stars, she couldn’t help but mention the 18-year-old superstar who happens to boast a global multi-million dollar brand. 

Siwa has been in the industry for a decade since her launch on Dance Moms and has become a favorite among kids. She has a megafan in little Kulture, so Cardi took the opportunity to beg Siwa for a meeting with her three-year-old.

Cardi B, Kulture
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

“Let me tell y’all this story,” said Cardi. “So, my husband, he was trying to get JoJo Siwa for my daughter’s birthday party but she is booked and busy. So, JoJo Siwa could you please come see my daughter at Christmas?” While Cardi was speaking she couldn’t see Siwa in the audience who was giving her a thumbs up.

She also let it be known that Siwa was earning stacks and her appearances do not come cheap.

“I know you cost a lot of money,” Carid said of Siwa. “Let me tell you something, y’all…rappers don’t got nothing on JoJo Siwa!” Later, Siwa said, “Cardi, I’m going to see what I can do and I’m going to try and make Christmas happen, I promise. Putting it in my phone right now.”

Check out the highlights below.