Kobe Bryant’s passing hit the NBA community very hard, and to this day, it is extremely difficult for players to grasp what happened. Even fans are still in disbelief as Kobe was this larger-than-life figure who could never be toppled. Today, Kobe’s fans, friends, and peers are all celebrating his life with heavy hearts as it is his birthday. Bryant would have turned 43 today, and we’re sure he would have been spending every second with Vanessa and his four daughters.

Numerous tributes and well wishes have been posted in Kobe’s honor. Guys that Kobe played with have been the most prominent voices on social media as they share photos and stories that made Kobe the legend he is.

Kobe Bryant

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony was part of this as he went on Twitter and posted a heartwarming photo of himself hugging Kobe after a hard-fought game. In the photo, Melo was still a member of the Nuggets, when they were Kobe’s biggest competition in the Western Conference during those three Finals runs from 08-2010. This photo definitely elicits a ton of nostalgia, and it speaks to the respect these two players had for one another. 

The Lakers also took to Twitter with a tribute of their own saying “Black Mamba. Hall of Famer. Girl Dad. Happy Birthday, Kobe.” The love has been real today and for many Kobe fans, August 23rd will forever be a special day.