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Carson Wentz Criticized By Colts Owner Over Vaccination Status

Carson Wentz Criticized By Colts Owner Over Vaccination Status

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Jim Irsay had some interesting comments about his QB.

Carson Wentz was brought in by the Indianapolis Colts this season with the hope that he would help lead the franchise back into the postseason. Ever since Andrew Luck’s surprise retirement, the team has been looking for an answer, and it seemed like Wentz could be the guy. Unfortunately, injuries continue to get the best of him as he has already dealt with foot surgery and two sprained ankles in the span of two months.

While Wentz is playing this weekend, it’s clear that Colts owner Jim Irsay is still concerned about what comes next. As Irsay told Pro Football Talk, Wentz is unvaccinated and the Colts are worried that it could make him that much more unreliable as the season goes on.

Carson Wentz

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“He has to stay healthy. You know, no one’s hiding behind the M.O. of the past,” Irsay said. “That was there, and you know since we you know came here and going through the months we’ve been through, there’s been difficulties. And it also makes it difficult if you’re not vaccinated, you know, because it makes it harder to depend on someone if they’re not vaccinated. So they have freedom of choice and we understand that.”

It’s odd for an owner to come out and make comments like this, especially at the beginning of the player’s first season with the team. Regardless, the Colts have a lot riding on Wentz and they would rather him be in the lineup than out of it.

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Carson Wentz

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