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Chance The Rapper Denies Curving Keyshia Cole’s Text About Collab


After a fan revisited a 2013 tweet from Chance, Keyshia claimed “he shaded me” when she reached out about music.

Hip Hop fans may have witnessed a new collaboration be birthed on Twitter. Now that Keyshia Cole has formally announced that her next album will be her last, the acclaimed R&B-Soul singer has become inundated with questions and requests from fans. Her catalog holds some of our favorite classics and her supporters are looking forward to what she’s been cooking up as she gracefully bows out of the music spotlight to work on other projects, but a social media user questioned why she never connected with Chance The Rapper.

The Chicago artist has had quite a career for himself with chart-topping hits and fan favorites, and with the stacked list of hitmakers he’s worked with in the past, people expected Cole to be a shoo-in.

Keyshia Cole
Maury Phillips / Stringer / Getty Images

Chance hasn’t kept it a secret that he has wanted to work on musical magic with Keyshia, but somewhere along the line, the two never quite connected. A Twitter user revived a 2013 tweet where Chance unashamedly asked someone to tell Cole that he said “hi.” It went unseen by the singer.

“Now I get why he shaded me when I texted him about a song [crying laughing emoji][praying hands emoji],” Keyshia replied. Chance caught wind and cleared up any misconceptions about him allegedly curving her request.

“U musta text someone else [thinking emoji],” he responded. It is unclear if the pair will collaborate in the future, but fans are hoping that they will. Check it out below. 


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