Chance The Rapper Drops $2.3M On Illinois Mansion Near Michael Jordan & DeMar DeRozan

On Chance the Rapper’s 2018 single, “The Man Who Has Everything,” the Chicago rapper spits about having it all — the money, the fame, the cars, the clothes — but still not being satisfied. A reserved track in which Chance ponders what actually makes him happy and what is actually important in life, the now 28-year-old finally settles on the idea of having a home for his family and a place to both embrace traditions, and create new ones. 

Rapping, “Real talk, I need a front yard, a back yard, a side yard, a side yard, inside bar, a dry bar, nine cars and a garage and it’s on hella acres,” Chance laid out everything he wanted in a home, and with the recent news that the Acid Rap rapper and his wife, Kirsten, purchased a $2.3M, 9,251 square-foot mansion in Bannockburn, Illinois back in September, it sounds like he was predicting the future. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Chance’s new property, situated on 3.71 acres, includes 6 1/2 bathrooms, six fireplaces, a pool, a four-car garage, a recording studio, a rec room, a bar, a movie theater and a home gym. Located just 10 minutes from Michael Jordan’s Illinois estate, the $2.3M mansion sits in the middle of a Chicago Bulls hotspot. 

According to HipHopDX, the property is close to new Bulls’ star DeMar DeRozan’s home (purchased from Jordan’s ex-wife for $4.5M) and three years ago, Jimmy Butler sold his home in the area for $4.2 million. 

While Chance had purchased a 4,500 square-foot home in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood back in 2018, he and his family had been renting a 6,721 square-foot mansion just a couple blocks from their new property. 

What do you think of Chance the Rapper moving in next to MJ and DeRozan? Let us know in the comments. 



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