Kyrie Irving may argue that he isn’t anti-vaxx but he’s arguably been the most vocal NBA player against getting the vaccine among anybody in the league. With so much uncertainty in the air regarding whether Kyrie will play any home games this season, the point guard continues to be mentioned in trade rumors, with some insiders also suggesting that he might end up retiring if he’s forced to get the jab. 

As Kyrie spoke to his fans on Instagram Live on Thursday night, he received a lot of support from people who share similar beliefs to him. Even Chance The Rapper seemingly co-signed Kyrie’s anti-vax stance, leaving “100” comments on his page as he spoke about his decision to not get vaccinated.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Fans noticed that Chano was leaving “100” comments as Kyrie was speaking, appearing to agree with what he had to say. The Chicago wasn’t alone though as he was joined by Stephon Marbury and 9th Wonder, who also seemingly agreed with Kyrie’s take.

This has been a major debate on social media and in the news, with Kyrie stubborn in his ways and deciding not to fold under pressure. Do you think he will end up playing this year, and are you surprised about Chance The Rapper co-signing his stance?