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Charles Barkley Calls Out Karl-Anthony Towns After Horrendous Collapse


Charles Barkley is not fond of KAT’s attitude.

Last night was a truly horrific one for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team was up by 26 points in the first half, and in the second half, they ended up rebuilding their lead to about 21 points. In the end, however, the T-Wolves had a late-game collapse for the ages as they let the Memphis Grizzlies walk right back into the game with no problems whatsoever. 

As you can see in the highlights down below, the T-Wolves were simply no good down the stretch, and Karl-Anthony Towns was nowhere to be seen. He finished the game with an abysmal 8 points, and it has been crystal clear thus far that he just simply isn’t built for the playoffs, at least not yet.

After the game, Towns had some interesting comments about his game, claiming that it was something he wasn’t too worried about. Instead, he said that he was going to simply go out and drink some wine while mulling over his next moves.

This is something that offended Charles Barkley of NBA on TNT. Barkley went after KAT on the Inside The NBA broadcast, noting that his attitude towards the game is simply unacceptable right now. He also urged KAT to be better, otherwise, this T-Wolves team is destined for a trip to Cancun.

The Grizzlies should win this series as by all accounts, they are the better team. Having said that, the T-Wolves have shown flashes of brilliance, they just need to put it all together now.


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