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Charles Barkley Drives An Actual Bus Following Spat With Kevin Durant


Charles Barkley became the bus driver on “Inside The NBA” last night.

Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant have rarely seen eye-to-eye. Over the last few days, Barkley and KD have been in a bit of a war of words as the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs. In the eyes of Barkley, Durant isn’t a true “bus driver” as he has never been able to lead a team to anything noteworthy. Instead, Barkley sees Durant as a player who latched onto Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

KD didn’t like this commentary, and it eventually led to the following IG story in which Durant showed off Barkley playing with what was supposed to be a superteam in Houston. Of course, Barkley did this at the end of his career, when a title was probably unlikely.

Throughout the day, there was this sense that the NBA on TNT guys would respond to Durant, however, the Nets star was welcoming of any trash talk. It also led to him calling himself a “god,” which didn’t exactly sit right with NBA fans who just witnessed KD get swept.

Well, last night, Inside the NBA responded to Durant in the best way possible. At the end of the broadcast, Barkley was led outside of the studio where a bus was waiting for him. That’s when everyone got on the bus and let Barkley drive away. It was a hilarious way to end the evening, and it further reinforced the idea that Inside The NBA is the best show in basketball.

At this point, we can consider the feud dead. The NBA playoffs are moving on without the Nets, and for many, this should be considered a big win.


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