Some troubling news has come out of Woodland Hills in California recently as it was reported that an associate of Chief Keef who goes by the name 600BossMoo is now dead following a murder-suicide. Reports of the incident surfaced on Friday after the Los Angeles Police Department put out a report about the alleged situation. 

In a news article from FOX LA, it was revealed that a woman called the LAPD in distress as she noted that 600BossMoo had a gun on him and was allegedly shooting at her. Following the call, the cops sped to the scene although it was too late as the woman had been shot and killed. 600BossMoo was also dead at the scene, and police are saying that he killed the woman first and then turned the gun around and killed himself.

At first, it was uncertain as to whether or not it was really 600BossMoo who had died, although the news was later confirmed by 600Breezy who took to social media saying “Y’all just keep breaking my heart.” 

This is an especially sad situation given that a young woman has lost her life as well. Many are searching for answers as to what exactly happened, although for now, there is a lot that still needs to be investigated.

Our condolences go out to those who lost a loved one in this tragedy.