Chloe Bailey Drops Hot New Instagram Photos, Tinashe Appears To Be Unimpressed

From releasing her debut solo single “Have Mercy,” to walking the carpet at the Met Gala, Chloe Bailey has certainly had a busy few weeks. The 23-year-old has been hard at work preparing for her first solo album, and earlier today she decided to share a sneak peek into her latest projects on Instagram.

From the looks of her new post, Bailey is ready to step into a spicy, much more mature new era. The photo dump sees her rocking a teensy tiny red and black bikini, paired with red latex gloves and some sky high platform heels to match.

”Choose your fighter,” she cleverly captioned the post, which is sitting just under 600,000 likes.

The comment section is filled with kind works from friends like Baby Tate, Rubi Rose, Pierre Bourne, and Lala.

”He say he like that laffy taffy,” one commenter joked, referencing lyrics from Bailey’s catchy track.

Unfortunately, it looks like another star isn’t exactly impressed with the Atlanta native’s new photo shoot.

A fan noticed that Tinashe liked a reply under Bailey’s post on Twitter that says, “it’s giving @Tinashe’s album cover for ‘Songs For You’.”

Obviously a like doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but the resemblance between the two pictures is undeniable.

A similar situation happened earlier this week, when Draya Michele seemingly threw shade at Kim Kardashian for the resemblance between her latest SKIMS campaign and an old photo shoot the former had done.

“Black women are always the blueprint, and don’t you forget it,” a message Michele reposted to her story earlier this week read.

Bailey or Tinashe have yet to comment on the subtle shade, although the “Do It” singer has been known to try to keep the vibes on her social media as positive as possible, defending herself and her sister from haters and blocking out negativity without hesitation.

Check out the post for yourself below and let us know what you think. Was Tinashe unimpressed, or is she just acknowledging that she may have been part of the inspiration for Chloe Bailey’s shoot?


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