Chloe Bailey has dropped her latest, in a series of impressive cover songs, this time reworking Drake’s classic single, “Marvin’s Room,” off of Take Care. The popular track was originally released in 2011.

Throughout her cover, Bailey reworks numerous lines for her own rendition.

“You told me that there’s someone else/ You messing with my confidence/ How you make me feel unwanted/ I’m really trying not to hold a grudge/ But you didn’t send me flowers for my birthday/ And now I’m hurting in the worst way,” she sings on the cover, uploaded to Instagram, Sunday.

Chloe Bailey, Drake
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

She continues reworking the song: “I shouldn’t have to tell a n—- how to treat me/ You acting like you big enough but not at all/ F— that new girl that you got around/ I know she is faking it when you lay it down/ I’ma f— your homeboy that’s in my DMs/ You gon’ be left crying but you can’t say s—.”

In recent months, Bailey has released a cover of Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain,” Nina Simone’s  “Feeling Good,” and more. For her cover of Simone’s track, she performed the rendition live at ABC’s special event Juneteenth: Together We Triumph – A ’Soul of a Nation.