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Chloe Bailey Shows Off Her Booty In “Have Mercy” Promo Image


Ahead of Chloe Bailey’s “Have Mercy” single, the singer shares one last exciting promo image.

Looking double-cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon, the Chloe x Halle singer Chloe Bailey is set to drop her debut single “Have Mercy” tonight. Chloe has been teasing the song, a single off of her upcoming debut album, for months, since her 23rd birthday in July. 

Since then, the singer has announced her solo debut performance on the 2021 VMAs stage, but not before dropping a bombshell promo image for “Have Mercy,” with Chloe standing front and center, along with a horde of backup dancers, all looking back at it in pink get-ups, and of course, plenty of booty. 

The singer has been busy. Chloe recently spoken out about working on her debut, turning older, and feeling comfortable in her sexuality, something that’s evident in her Instagram feed, as well as the raunchy cover art of “Have Mercy,” where the star dons cut-out jeans and a cropped shirt with lots of underboob action.

When revealing the untouched, explicit cover art, Chloe teased fans, “The official cover art!! a few more days til #havemercy, should i drop the trailer for the video?” Chloe did indeed release a preview. As we wait for the song to drop at midnight, fans can tide themselves over with the video trailer below.

What do you think of the promo and trailer so far?


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