Chloe Clears The Air About Dating And Illuminati Rumors –

Coming off the heels of “Have Mercy,” its sexy visual, and her dynamic debut solo performance at the 2021 VMAs, Chlöe hopped on Instagram Live to dispel rumors about her reportedly dating Future. During her post-MET gala travels, the 23-year-old stated, “I don’t know where that rumor came from. Somebody asked if me and Future talk.” She, then, proceeded to call him a “wonderful fella” and shared that she “loves his music.”

However, “I’ve never spoken to him a day in my life,” stated the fellow Atlanta native before changing the subject to her hair and asking her fans if they prefer “brown or blonde,” referring to her new blonde ‘do she’s been sporting since her “Have Mercy” video was released.

Future, a father of 6, had been linked to several artists and socialites including Ciara, Joie Chavis, and Lori Harvey. Chlöe was once rumored to be dating her Grown-ish cast member and love interest, Diggy Simmons, and has never confirmed the romance. When asked about her relationship status this past January on Instagram Live, she expressed she’s “single by choice.”

Chlöe also cleared the air regarding the rumor that she’s a member of the Illuminati. “You know what really cracks me up? One moment, you all say that I talk about God too much, then the next you say I’m selling my soul. Which is it, my loves?” she asked. “I love God so much, and I love music and I just have a lot of passion. That’s it.”


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