Chloe Shares Makeup And Beauty Secrets For ‘Vogue’ Beauty Guide: Watch –


Chlöe is revealing just what makes her skin and makeup so flawless. For Vogue‘s “Beauty Secrets” series, the 23-year-old is doing what she loves best: getting glammed up.

In the 15-minute guide, the “Have Mercy” singer starts by using Neutrogena’s micellar wipes to remove any residue from her initial cleaning (she and her sister, Halle Bailey, are the skincare brand’s newest ambassadors).

“I have baby cheeks and I always like to have this snatched face look, so my favorite thing to do— BOOM!,” she exclaimed as she pulled a facial roller from an ice bucket. After applying her Neutrogena serum first to ensure “a bunch of movement” with her face roller and schooled viewers on the importance of moving it in an upward motion to avoid saggy skin. To prevent dark circles and bags under her eyes, she reveals placing ice cubes under her eyes while getting her glam done on set.

She also shared her story on what led her to start using sunscreen. The Atlanta songbird recalled a moment when she jokingly put dots of sunscreen on her face but ended up with “splotches all over [her] skin.” Fans would be delighted to find out that Chlöe—like many of us—is a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills brow tools.

Chloe used Fenty Beauty’s new skin tint which (much to her surprise) perfectly matches her skin tone, plus their concealer, contour stick, bronzer, and lip gloss. The singer finished her look by using Neutrogena’s sunscreen face mist as a setting spray.

Watch Chlöe’s full beauty guide below.


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