Chris Brown defends extremely risqué meet-and-greet fan pics

Chris Brown defends extremely risqué meet-and-greet fan pics

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Last week, American singer Chris Brown went viral after the photos from a recent fan meet and greet photo session were shared online. In many of the photos, the With You singer can be seen posing very suggestively with his female fans who appear to be enjoying every minute of it.

While the fans look like they had the time of their life with their favourite artist, many people have slammed Chris for being too touchy with them – a lot of them also criticised him for charging the very same fans $1000 ( around R16 700) for the meet and greet session.

Chris Brown sticks by his meet-and-greet pics

People across the world could not help but laugh out loud after seeing some of the photos from world-renowned artist Chris Brown’s fan meet and greet photo session.

This is because many of the photos show the singer either gripping a woman’s backside or lifting her up very suggestively.

In more than one photo, the star and his fan are very up close and personal – which left many people absolutely mind-boggled since celebs don’t usually get so close to their fans.

Chris, however, insist he is different.

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Anything for the fans

Meanwhile, Chris recently headed to his Instagram stories to defend the photos.

According to him, he was willing to do any pose with his fans because without them, he wouldn’t be as famous and successful as he is.

“I have the coolest fans on the planet. I appreciate them. These are memories that will last with them forever,” he wrote.

He also added that he always holds his fans in the highest regard and isn’t the kind of celebrity who mistreats the fans who put him where he is.

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