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Chris Brown Flames Kanye West’s Latest Hairstyle


It appears that Chris Brown still feels some way about being taken off of “Donda.”

Chris Brown’s still unforgiving towards Kanye West, it seems. Since the Chicago listening party of Donda, Chris Brown’s made it clear that he’s not exactly pleased with having his parts on “New Again” edited off of the project. However, his latest attack on the Chicago rapper proved that he’s going to remain petty about it.

 Mychal Watts/WireImage/Getty Images

After Kanye West debuted his puzzling new hairstyle, Breezy turned ‘Ye into the subject of a roast-fest on his Instagram Story. Brown shared a photo of ‘Ye’s patchy new hairstyle, calling it the “f*cked up worldwide fade.”

“N***a wanna make the ‘what the fuck’ in style,” Breezy continued. “He got the punishment haircut.”

Kanye West and Chris Brown have had their differences in the past but they make undeniable hits when they’re together. “New Again,” which Breezy initially featured on, underwent several changes before the album’s release, and even after it. Chris called Kanye a “h*e” for removing him from the version of Donda played in Chicago, though his parts were included on the DSP version. That is until the end of September when people notice several changes on the album including Chris Brown being entirely removed from the song.

No word on whether Kanye West has caught wind of Chris Brown’s recent shots but we can’t imagine he’d be too upset about it.  


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