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Chris Brown Thanks Boosie Badazz After Rapper Draws Michael Jackson Comparisons


Boosie believes that if anyone compares any artists to MJ, Chris Brown should be at the top of the list.

He may have spent his day filtering through messages after clowning Kanye West, but Chris Brown turned things around when he showed gratitude to Boosie Badazz. The state of Brown’s relationship with West is to be determined after the Chicago icon removed the singer from Donda. Initially, Brown complained about West not playing his Donda verse at the Chicago listening event, and following the criticism, Ye axed the R&B icon from the album altogether.

Brown’s musical reputation in the industry is unmatched as he has been able to triumph through every scandal with one hit record after another. This leaves many to debate his greatness as compared to artists considered to be legends in the game, including Michael Jackson.

Chris Brown
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

Boosie Badazz sat down with VladTV once again and talked about hitmakers like Jackson and R. Kelly, and during his chat, the rapper also praised Brown for his contributions to the industry.

“You gotta compare Chris Brown,” said Boosie. “I saw that n*gga come down—boy, that’s a bad motherf*cker. I saw that n*gga come down on the screen…I didn’t see Michael Jackson, but I saw C. Breezy and I saw, the same thing I saw on the  sh*t I be watching, if I see Michael Jackson, girls passing out. I seen ’em pass out. I seen ’em with my own eyes. I seen ’em with my own motherf*ckin’ eyes, they passin’ out.”

Brown shared the clip to his Instagram page and added, “Appreciate the love MY BROTHER. I’m thankful I was able to witness MJs greatness and HE inspired me to be CHRIS BROWN. [praying hands emoji][red heart emoji].” Those debates regarding whether or not Brwn has surpassed Jackson’s legacy have been reignited, so check out the clip below and let us know where you stand in the music war.


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