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CJ McCollum Speaks Out On Ben Simmons Situation Amid Rumors


The Ben Simmons saga has many NBA players talking.

Ben Simmons has been the talk of the NBA over the past few weeks due to his situation with the Philadelphia 76ers. There is no denying that Simmons wants out, and he doesn’t care how much money he could lose in the process. For now, there are various teams that could be well-suited for a Simmons trade, including the Portland Trail Blazers, who would likely give up CJ McCollum in such a deal.

While McCollum didn’t speak to this particular trade scenario directly, McCollum did talk about Simmons on the most recent episode of his “Pull Up With CJ McCollum” podcast. As he explains, Simmons is more than welcome to try and secure a trade. He also believes player empowerment is a net benefit and that Simmons is simply exercising his rights as a player.

Ben Simmons

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“I think we have seen a shift in players becoming more vocal, but I think historically, players have always been vocal about their happiness with their role, their fit or potentially wanting out,” McCollum said. “This has been happening for a very, very long time. I think you have to look at that situation from a player empowerment standpoint, if he is kind of evaluating how he can be the best version of himself, he has a right to do that.”

The Simmons situation has proven to be a difficult one for the Sixers franchise, and it will only get messier as the weeks go on. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest details related to the Simmons saga in Philly.

CJ McCollum

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