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Claressa Shields Challenges Jake Paul To A Fight


Claressa Shields has no interest in being on a Jake Paul undercard.

Claressa Shields is arguably the greatest female boxer of all time and after winning everything there is to accomplish in the sport, she has gone to the MMA world. Despite this, Shields is still entertaining boxing matches and was recently asked about potentially being on the undercard for a Jake Paul fight.

As you can see in the clip below, Shields was not interested in such a thing, and even stated that she would fight Paul if she had to. She firmly believes she can defeat the former YouTube star, and she even went on to tell TMZ that if they ever got in the ring together, she would hurt him without question.

“I wasn’t talking s**t about Jake Paul yesterday. What I was speaking was facts. Jake Paul gets inside a boxing ring with me, he’s getting his ass whooped,” Shields said. “I bet you Jake Paul would get hurt, he probably get dropped, he would have a newfound respect for me if we spar or fight. I’m not calling Jake Paul out because I know how the world looks at women fighting men, they look at it like ‘oh no, ew’ but I spar men daily and that’s the truth.”

This is something Jake would never do, although it would certainly be interesting to watch. Shields is an expert at her craft, while Jake is still learning, so there is no doubt that Shields would have a technical advantage. 

At this point though, such a fight is simply a pipe dream, so it’s better to focus on other potential matchups, like Paul vs. Tommy Fury.

Claressa Shields

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