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Cochise Is Feeling “CAUTIOUS” On His New Single

For his latest release, “CAUTIOUS,” Cochise has teamed up with Jootsu to create a song that mixes “new technology and sound formats across music and visuals.” The Jamaica-based artist also shared a music video to accompany the track, which has already earned over 25,000 likes on YouTube.

The Chivalry directed clip bounces back and forth between animated and live action visuals, taking us on a trip that pairs perfectly with the out of the box visual. “I furl sorry for Cochise in a way,” one user wrote in the comments. “He’ll never know what its like to miss, the dude is clinically diagnosed as incapable of missing. Its a beautiful tragedy.”

If you couldn’t make it to Cochise’s recent sold-out solo tour, fear not – he’ll be headed out to support Aminé’s “Best Tour Ever” in 2022. If you’re a new fan of the artist, be sure to check out “Tell Em” featuring $NOT, or August’s solo release, “POCKET ROCKET.”

How are you feeling about “CAUTIOUS”? Give us your initial thoughts below. 

Quotable Lyrics: 

I’ve been drippin’, drippin’, I feel like a lake (Uh, uh)
You been trippin’, trippin’, but you out of shapе (Uh, uh)
Shawty thinkin’ I’m in love, but I ain’t Drake
Wait, boy you need some help, yeah


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