Coi Leray Says Label Stopping Album Release, Responds To Bullies: “I Hate It Here”


Coi Leray is a crossover superstar in the making, but the aspiring “pop girl” has some major obstacles to jump over right now. Every time she posts anything on social media, her comments are filled with bullies sharing hate messages and shaming her body. On top of that, Coi is apparently having some issues at her label, admitting on Friday that the higher-ups are blocking her album release, despite her thoughts that she’s ready.

The trend-setting artist had a lot to get off her chest this morning. Coi started the day by retweeting Bktherula, who said that haters are almost always eventually converted into fans. Then, her thoughts got dark.

You can have everything In the world and still have nothing,” she tweeted.

A fan responded to the tweet by asking her if she had any updates on her debut album, which was originally slated to be released in May 2021. 

Na I’m sorry,” she replied, before sharing another post. “Feel like I’m ready for an album but my label doesn’t think so. So I’m just going with the flow. I hate the flow.

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Coi got caught up by her bullies, because she spent the next few moments responding to a few of them.

When somebody told her to “make real music,” she responded, “You have my notifications turned on. You keep getting on here tryna bully me. What’s the motive yall tryna kill me something?”

Then, someone told her to “gain some weight ms. skin and bones,” to which she clapped back, saying, “Shit is sad.”

Her sad thoughts continued, saying, “I guess this is my karma. Whatever I did God, please forgive me. I’m tired of being bullied. I hate it here.”

She finally posted about one positive thing: the video views for “TWINNEM,” her latest single. When a fan suggested she turn off her phone and focus on her next moves, she responded with a handshake emoji, signaling that she’s going to refresh and get back to the game even better.

Hopefully, Coi’s day gets a little better. Check out her tweets below.




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