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Coi Leray Steps Up For XXL Freshman Freestyle


Coi Leray brings melody to the mix with her new “2021 XXL Freshman Freestyle.”

There was once a time where XXL Freshman Class members used their opportunities in the spotlight to spit bars, though we’re beginning to see that less as time goes on. In reality, many of today’s most popular rising artists tend to use a more melodic flow, having shifted into new stylistic territory altogether.

It’s reached the point where some of the inductees can hardly be classified as rappers at all. While that isn’t inherently problematic, it’s certainly curious to see XXL uphold the cypher and freestyle traditions for such artists, who are often forced to perform well outside of their comfort zones as a result. Luckily, many of the selected artists are adaptable in the face of a challenge, as today’s new XXL Freestyle from Coi Leray has indicated.

Coi Leray

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

Bathed in mood-setting blue light, Coi opts to keep true to her established style, delivering an acapella and largely melodic verse. Based on the structure and various cadential shifts, it sounds as if Leray is drawing from a yet-to-be-released song for this one. “Parasitic, these n***as want to eat off me,” she sing-raps. “I don’t really trust n***as, shout out to Lil Reese.” 

Be sure to check out Coi Leray’s full XXL Freshman Freestyle below, and sound off in the comments if you’re feeling what she brought to the table with this one. Look for more of these to drop in the coming days. 

WATCH: Coi Leray’s XXL Freshman Freestyle


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