Cole Beasley is one of the most staunch anti-vaxxers in the NFL, and he has never been shy about giving his opinions on the matter. Unlike in the NBA, the restrictions for the unvaxxed in the NFL are a lot looser, which has allowed Beasley to continue playing with his team. The Buffalo Bills are one of the best teams in the league, and offensive players like Beasley are a reason why they are a powerhouse. Given this fact, it’s easy to see why the team would allow him to continue holding his position on COVID-19.

While the team doesn’t seem to care, it would appear as though the fans do. Beasley took to Twitter today where he sounded off on Bills fans, saying that many of them are taunting him over his vaccination status. As Beasley explains, it’s only Bills fans that do this, and it makes him feel unwelcomed in his own home stadium.

Cole Beasley

Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

“Only place I get boo’d is at our home stadium,” Beasley said. “Then some of the same people want me to take pictures and sign autographs. I thought bills fans were the best in the world? Where’d they go? If the vaccine works then why do vaxxed people need to be protected from unvaxxed?”

One reporter asked Beasley if he misheard, although the Bills star is adamant that he is being targeted. If the wide receiver is telling the truth, then it’s certainly an odd choice for Bills fans to make, but when you pay that much for a ticket, some light roasting shouldn’t be a problem.

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