Comethazine Is Content With Being A Lone Wolf On “Comethazine The Album”


A grainy photograph of Comethazine, smiling menacingly as he stands in front of a dark cityscape, serves as the cover art for his latest full-length effort, Comethazine The Album, and it couldn’t be more on-brand for the 2019 XXL Freshman. Led by the previously heard singles “Spinback” and “Six Flags,” Comethazine’s new project finds the East St. Louis-native fully in his element.

On the project’s intro, Comethazine raps, “I-I-I-I-I don’t need no help, mmm/Them niggas been slept, mmm,” and over the course of the following 17 tracks, he aims to prove that his success can’t be attributed to anyone else. Like its predecessors Bawskee 4PandemicBawskee 3.5, and Bawskee 2Comethazine The Album comes without any guest features or high-profile producers attached to it, allowing Comethazine to welcome his fans back to a sonic world of his own. 

At 18 tracks, Comethazine The Album clocks in right under 33 minutes, so fans of Comethazine’s short, spirited tracks will be in familiar territory. Listeners can also expect a potent mix of charismatic lyrics, violent subject matter, and overall raucous energy that’s undeniably infectious.  

Listen to Comethazine’s new full-length project below and let us know in the comments what songs you’re feeling the most from Comethazine The Album.


1. No Hype
2. God’s Schedule
3. Hallla
4. Lord
5. Solar Freestyle
6. Six Flags
7. Wake Up (2016 Unreleased)
8. Spinback
9. Balls To The Wall
10. 4 Deep
11. I Been Loved Guns
12. So You Say You A Gangsta
13. SK Music
14. Buffed Up
15. Pimps In The House
16. Deuces
17. Niggas Is Niggas
18. 1 Deep


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