Cops REFUSE to enter KZN crime hot-spot


This just isn’t normal: Police Minister Bheki Cele has made a rather tragic admission on Sunday, after he explained that ‘a lack of streetlights’ was preventing police officers from entering the crime hot-spot of Inanda, KZN.

No streetlights, no protection: Inanda suffering without streetlights

Speaking to eNCA earlier in the day, the hatted minister explained several logistical challenges facing the cops in this part of South Africa. A chronic lack of infrastructure – ranging from shoddy road surfaces to a lack of CCTV cameras – is now making the job ‘very difficult’ for officers.

Bheki Cele has lambasted the ‘environmental challenges’ that are now limiting what the police can do in an area like Inanda. During the interview, the top cop revealed that he’s asked SALGA to urgently fix the impediments that blight these crime-riddled human settlements:

“Let’s take Inanda in KZN… there are street lights and no roads in some parts. It gets very difficult for the police who are chasing criminals. We are asking SALGA to help improve the situation in human settlements, so officers can enter these areas and do their jobs.”

Bheki Cele

KZN crime hot-spot ‘left in the dark’

Inanda has seen its crime rates soar in the most recent quarter, according to the SAPS Crime Stats. In the most recently-recorded three-month period, this part of KZN had the second-highest murder rate – bested only by Umlazi.

What’s more, Inanda is also second when it comes to attempted murder, rape, and residential robberies. No other suburb in the country has recorded more ‘sexual offences’ in this time, either. It’s also a top 10 hot-spot for kidnapping, assault, and contact crime.

Criminals can no longer be allowed to run amok under the cover of darkness, and Bheki Cele must now ensure that this farcical situation doesn’t continue to play out under his watch. The people of Inanda have a right to feel safe – and ‘a lack of streetlights’ should not compromise that.


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