Cordae Brings The Hype On “Super”


Cordae is gearing up to release his upcoming album From A Bird’s Eye View, a project that many fans are eagerly awaiting. Now, Cordae has delivered a brand new lead single from the project in “Super,” which his die-hard followers will likely recognize from a few snippet teasers.

Arriving complete with some lavish visuals, the confident track finds the Grammy-nominated lyricist firing off flexes with well-earned confidence. “Last year I made seven million, didn’t have to do a single fuckin show,” he raps, setting a tone in the opening bar. From there, he attacks the uptempo instrumental with purpose, making it clear that he’s not intending to play any games — his sights are set on GOAT contention,  if that wasn’t made abundantly clear by the music video. 

Check out “Super” now, and be sure to hit the comments if you’re excited for Cordae’s From A Bird’s Eye View.

Quotable Lyrics

I be feeling like it’s me against the world but I could give a fuck who my opponent is 
N**as askin’ why I drop the “YBN,” I had no other choices, we ain’t ownin’ shit 
You know that junkie shit I’m not condoning it 
I’m with a couple ni**as I got a bone to pick


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